Accounting Questions

Below are a few accounting questions that we are frequently asked. If you do not find the answer you seek, please contact us here »

What is this going to cost me?

At Heath, Fania & Co., we understand that good financial planning means knowing what your accounting and tax services are going to cost you and therefore we make every effort to keep you informed so that you will know at the end of the day what you will be paying for our services.

Fees will vary depending upon the level of services you will need.

Our Fee Structure
Our fees are computed based on the time and related staff it takes to complete each project. The complexity of the work being performed and the level of oversight required to ensure a quality product can greatly affect the cost of the time spent on your project or service. Below is a breakdown of our current billing rates and some examples of the work performed at each level. Rates are subject to change on an annual basis but typically by no more than a 5% increase.

Accounting and Payroll Staff billed at $70 – $140 / Hour

Professional Staff billed at $125 – $150 / Hour

CPA Time billed at $230 – $285 / Hour

Typical consults will cover topics related to the general health and well-being of the company and the client’s overall financial situation. We then develop the rest of the accounting process around those results.

Flat Fee
Flat-fee services are sometimes more applicable to your needs.  In determining a flat fee, we look at how much time we think the job will take and the billing rate of the staff members that will be needed to provide those services. Services that typically can be performed on a flat-fee basis include:

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